Tuition Programs for Kids

In villages many children’s parents are not educated and financially very poor to send their children’s to  daily tuition centers. It’s gives more cost and burden to the parents.

In 2015 on behalf of our ABLE BHARAT SOCIETY.  We have started After School Programme for  ‘DALIT’ (untouchable) community to uplift children’s in education. Daily we are teaching tuition free of cost. So far we have 70 children under this programme. Every year we are providing school bags, books and other stationary things.

We aim to provide academic enrichment and recreational opportunities’ in a safe and pleasant environment to all students from kindergarten to 9th grade.

Programme Goals:

  • By enriching and empowering our students
  • Encouraging children individual interests and thus self confidence
  • Teaching English and Mathematics and making children aware of present scenarios
  • Supporting children finishing their daily homework and aiding their exams preparation
  • Providing good health and nutrition to the children by providing healthy snacks daily