Church Planting & Tribal Ministry

The purpose of the Able Bharat Society in India is:

    • To reach the unreached tribes and communities in India (mainly in the four states: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orissa and Chhattisgarh ) through prayer and the Gospel of the Grace of God.
    • To establish congregations with strong traditional values with Biblical foundation
    • To surface efficient and strong spiritual leaders with deep Gospel orientation

Tribal Ministry

The numerically dominant tribal communities in the states are Andhra, Telagana, Chattishgad, Odisha. Most among them do not have their own lands. They stay in small huts in the banned secluded government plots and other forest areas. They do manual labor and collection of forest products is another part of their income They have no formal education. Due to the lack of sanitation facilities and better life prospects most of them are suffering from sickness or poor health condition. They are keenly interested in knowing and learning modern developments and programs of the world. They prefer to learn jobs which may help them to earn a better income.

Able Bharat Ministry exists to help tribal people in jungles and plains. We empowered and enlightened many tribal areas and people with the life changing Gospel of the Grace of God. We educated them and supported them both physically and spiritually.

We have a series of campaigns to visit tribal people and provide medicine, groceries (rice, Dal, vegetables), blankets, clothes, education and stationery products and distribution Bibles.

Church Planting

Church planting is a very important part of our work – which is being carried out in four states of India. Our outreach teams and missionaries go out door to door, sharing Christ with people and starting Bible studies in villages and neighborhoods. When a sufficient number of people are involved, we start a new church with the goal of winning more people to the Lord and disciplining the believers in that location.

Supporting Pastors and Missionaries

We are ministering to people who are working day by day for a daily wage and sometimes they do not even have work. It is very important for the pastor/missionary to have financial aid from our ministry, in order to be able to spend time doing the work of a pastor. Pastors are partially or entirely dependent on our support. Please help us in this all-important task. By becoming a financial partner with us, you would help us in supporting pastors in their daily work.

Prayer request

Please pray for us as persecution is being carried on in many different forms. One state in particular has had burnings of churches and murders. Pray that each Christian can stand firm for their beliefs as many are being coerced to return to do idol worship.